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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Right then. How's everyone?

 I remembered that I have a blog!

Let's just pretend that I've been updating this regularly, shall we? We can avoid any embarrassing, uncomfortable questions, like 'what have you been doing all this time' or 'where's that money you owe me' and such.

The only solid info I have for you is that all the Amra Thetys books now have a hardcover edition. Well, they call it a case laminate edition. You know what I mean. It's available through Amazon

The last thing I published was Evil Overlord: The Makening. Which was about a year ago. I've been writing, but at a much slower rate due to reasons. I'm hoping to increase my output and get Amra 6 out by this summer. In case you didn't know, it's called The Thief Who Wanted More. I've got several other works in progress as well. As I get things ready to release I'll update here, but also on the newsletter. You have signed up for the newsletter, right?

In personal news. due to the pandemic I'm currently residing in Poland (loooong story) where I'm enrolled in a masters' program.

What's new with y'all?


Anonymous said...

More Amra, cool! Good luck with your studies!

Sandra said...

Sounds like you habe a lot on your plate... good luck and take care and I am looking forward to reading the next book whenevee it is ready.

expat@large said...

Soooooo, you're alive. Nice to know. Hope Poland is treating you well. It's on my list.

Seriously, I was worried because your output was atypically low on Amazon but couldn't think where to check up!

The Makening is hilarious btw, and I recall you toying with the idea many many years ago.


nl said...

Looking forward to more Amra, but REALLY liked the Makening.

luvmydollhouse said...

Any plans to finish the Skinwalker series? Please?

Good luck with your studies, which I do realize are probably seriously curtailing your output. Break a leg!!

Thrutch Grenadine said...

Amra Thetys is good, Tomb follow up would be better, Evil Overlord 2 would be fun
Just do what you want, get some solid learning under your belt (never too late for that) and occaisionally remember us poor minions

Steve said...

Glad your still with us. I was worried there for a bit. sounds like the writings coming on.I'm looking forward to more of your amazing stories. Cheers, Steve.

Anonymous said...

I could read more Amra for a looooong time. I had to buy the series so that when the pool of new fiction has disappointed, I can reread the Amra series. And I have. Several times. Thank you so much for all your efforts with that series.

Anonymous said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your novels I have read so far. A follow up or even a series to the Evil Overlord would be fantastic.

Sue Lyn said...

I've just finished another re-read of all the Amra Thetys books, and found my way here in hopes there might be updates on upcoming publications. Sadly, I see the last post was more than a year ago. I'd love to see the long-awaited Amra 6, or a sequel to Tomb, or anything else really. Hope all is well with you and that your loyal fans get some new material soon.

Anonymous said...

love your work, stay heathy .

T said...

Hi Michael,
I hope you're doing well! I love your books. Looking forward to more Amra and Gar and just wanted to express my thanks. Stay safe :)

Anne said...

Was following you on Twitter then I quit it, miss terribly reading your adventures. Just tracking you down to see if anything new is soon to appear. You DO have fans! Hope all is well.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Michael, I've recently found this blog (yesterday) while trying to find out if any of your new books were coming out soon. In fact, I was a little worried because you haven't published anything for the last 3 years. Reading your last entry, which is 2 years old, and having paid just 1 buck for Evil Overlord, my guess is you are doing something else for a living. That's a shame.
My fav book is Tomb and I'm torn to pieces knowing you were working on its sequel. Evil Overlord is a close second. Though the title is a little childish, I love the blurry limits between good and evil and the thesis about pain being a big, big drive in the life of an "evil" person (I haven't experienced much pain in life and I plan to keep it that way as long as possible). It reminds me of K. J. Parker books, the all time master of black humor fantasy (the passage on the siege approaches to the bastion made me think you've read his books).
So, just to let you know that you have a great fan here who has bought all of your books and would pay much, much more than 1 dollar for any new book, even though I am far from rich (and I live in a country which is in constant crisis and stasis). I'd love to write for a living but I guess it's too late for me now (I'm stuck with 2 jobs, have a family to support and I'm a bit of a slacker / coward). What I'm saying is: don't quit on writing. You have the talent and you have the drive. And we need you. There is a limit on how much real life we can take without a good read waiting for us at the end of the day.

Wish you are doing at least ok,

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are still around :)