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Friday, April 29, 2005


Today my sticky little blog was visited by none other than former Cardinal Ratzinger, now Popsest with the mostest Benedict XVI! It seems His Holiness was intrigued by my article on KYOURADIO (see below). Who’da thunk I’d be graced and blessed by such an august personage?

When I visited the Pope’s blog, I was humbled by his, well, humbleness. Here is a man who, despite being 78, German, and God’s favorite person, isn’t afraid to tell ‘it’ like ‘it’ is however personally embarrassing ‘it’ may be. In that respect, he reminds me of another straight talking man of German descent; namely Herbert Kornfeld, opinion columnist extraordinaire of The Onion.

Both are great men challenged by coyote ugly looks and a deep love of Gangsta Rap (despite the paleness of their skin and a world that just doesn’t understand). Both have risen above these difficulties. Ratzinger now leads over a billion people in just saying no to safe sex. Kornfeld lays down the law as Midstate’s Accounts Receivable Supervisor. Both are inspirations. Neither gets any.

At the end of the day, I find myself doubly blessed with such brilliant examples to follow. And if you are old, or ugly, or listen to ethnically-inappropriate music, or can’t get laid, you should too.


The Facetious Cap'n Intrepid said...

Tee hee... cute blog the pope has. I must say congrats anyway :) First blog I know to be visited by the pope!

MercerMachine said...

Ya, I've no idea what I did to be so blessed!