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Thursday, May 24, 2018

An Unclean Strength: How to get the updated ebook

I've been working with an Amazon customer service representative the last few days, trying to get Amazon to push out the updated ebook to everyone who has already bought it. They were reluctant to do so as it would mean folks would lose their notes and highlights and such, which is fine and reasonable.

Instead, if you'd like, you can go to your 'Manage Your Kindle' page (or it might appear as 'Manage your Content and Devices'). Once you get there, there'll be a list of  your ebooks. Any book that has an available update will display and orange 'update available button - including, of course, An Unclean Strength.

Once again, I'm very sorry for the typographical errors. Going forward I will be able to hire a proofreader as a backstop for my now less-than-sharp eyes.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

An update on updates: Everything is updated.

Hi all,

Well, I've just spent a week plus updating everything in the Amra Thetys and Skinwalker series. Most of it is cosmetic; Making sure fonts and such match across series.


There were a couple of bugs in Amra #4, one missing word in Amra #3, one very wrong word in Prayers in Steel (No, Michael, a humerus is not generally found in the the leg), and, uh, more than a couple of typos in Unclean Strength.

Yes, I am wearing the Cone of Shame as I type this. No, I'm not gonna take a selfie.

The good news is, there's a way for everyone with a kindle to download the updates, if you'd like. I'm just going to post the link to the article from How To Geek, since they explain it better than I can:

In other news, there's a really nice review of Trouble's Braids up at Perfectly Tolerable - and it's her first time reading a self-published book! Also, lots of Felicia Day gifs, which is awesome.

Well, there ya go. I need to get cracking on Amra #5, so this Come of Shame has to come off. It's really hard to see the screen.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Amra Amra Amra

I've all but finished reformatting every book I ever wrote, and in some cases have given them new covers. All the Amra stuff is done, and now I'm working through the Skin Walker books. It has taken, uh, a long time. Days and days. I even added them to Google Play/Google Books.

For someone as technologically challenged and finicky-stuff averse as me, it has been a trial.

BUT, that means, starting tomorrow, I can get stuck back in to Amra #5.

Amra #1 is a svelte 64k words.
Amra #2 is quite a bit heftier at 73k words.
Amra #3 is 67k words.
Amra #4 is the longest, at 76k words.

So far, I've got 5,024 words written for Amra #5. That's basically the first chapter and bits and bobs of later scenes. I'll try and check in weekly to update the word count and complain about random things/talk nonsense, and post snippets of the non-spoilery type.

How long will Amra #5 be? I won't know until it's done, but it will likely fall between 65-80k words.

When will it be finished? I'm shooting for about four months, but no guarantees.

Okay, I need to eat lunch before I get hangry. Good talk.