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Sunday, May 20, 2018

An update on updates: Everything is updated.

Hi all,

Well, I've just spent a week plus updating everything in the Amra Thetys and Skinwalker series. Most of it is cosmetic; Making sure fonts and such match across series.


There were a couple of bugs in Amra #4, one missing word in Amra #3, one very wrong word in Prayers in Steel (No, Michael, a humerus is not generally found in the the leg), and, uh, more than a couple of typos in Unclean Strength.

Yes, I am wearing the Cone of Shame as I type this. No, I'm not gonna take a selfie.

The good news is, there's a way for everyone with a kindle to download the updates, if you'd like. I'm just going to post the link to the article from How To Geek, since they explain it better than I can:

In other news, there's a really nice review of Trouble's Braids up at Perfectly Tolerable - and it's her first time reading a self-published book! Also, lots of Felicia Day gifs, which is awesome.

Well, there ya go. I need to get cracking on Amra #5, so this Come of Shame has to come off. It's really hard to see the screen.


Brittany said...

Thanks for linking back to my review I'm glad you liked it :D I just bought the second book and can't wait to get started!

B. M. said...

Michaellll I loved Amra #1 (and its couple of typos ;) lol ok just teasing!), it was a perfect weekend read! Thank you!
But please tell me what an Elamner is because the stacks were no help :(