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Thursday, May 24, 2018

An Unclean Strength: How to get the updated ebook

I've been working with an Amazon customer service representative the last few days, trying to get Amazon to push out the updated ebook to everyone who has already bought it. They were reluctant to do so as it would mean folks would lose their notes and highlights and such, which is fine and reasonable.

Instead, if you'd like, you can go to your 'Manage Your Kindle' page (or it might appear as 'Manage your Content and Devices'). Once you get there, there'll be a list of  your ebooks. Any book that has an available update will display and orange 'update available button - including, of course, An Unclean Strength.

Once again, I'm very sorry for the typographical errors. Going forward I will be able to hire a proofreader as a backstop for my now less-than-sharp eyes.


Olorle said...

Just finished reading it and was too engaged to catch any glaring typos. Really enjoyed it and I am lookong forward to more!

Michael McClung said...

I'm really happy you didn't hit any speed bumps that knocked you out of the story!