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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

So I got to work this morning and there were a couple of emails (thanks Lancerlord, Jaschocolate) informing me that ‘a threat too far..’ had been featured in Digital Life. Being sleep-deprived because of MachineBoy (5 am wakeup call this morning, lucky me!), my first reaction was ‘wuh?’ Then I go and check the paper and sure enough, there it was in all its crude splendor.

SMSed [redacted] about it. She calls me back in like 2 seconds and says ‘We’re not gonna get sued, are we?’ No,  I don’t think so. NKF is probably not in the suing mood just now. ‘Ok. Uh, congratulations, then!’ Thanks.

Just one thing, Robin Chan: I’m MercerMachine, not SomethingStickyThisWayComes. That’s the name of this here blog.

Now I sit back and wait for my book deal/sponsorship offer/column to roll in.


lancerlord said... you're MercerMachine. All along i thought your name was SSTWC.

*gives MercerMachine gong-gong look*

elyrie said...

Why do I not understand this post at all?? What threat? And what about Robin Chan??

MercerMachine said...

lancerlord: :)

elyrie: the little stick figure cartoon I drew about nkf and sph was titled 'a threat too far...' It was featured in the digital life section of the straits times yesterday.Robin Chan, the reporter, referred to me as SSTWC, rather than MercerMachine.

Hecate said...

congrats!!!! *pops the champagne*

jeffyen said...

Hey machine, when's the bbq? :)

Jaschocolate said...

Haha.. your wife is so cute.. such a sweetheart :p

La Idler said...

Wah... you dem femes now! (Err, in case you didn't get that, it's, "Your're famous now dude!")

the rather mad jac said...

agreed. u r so damn femes, i am hereby invitin u to draw 'a threat too far' on my bedroom wall.