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Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Wee-hours edition of SomethingSticky

Have been incredibly busy due to work, and when I get home must pay attention to fambly not laptop, so SomethingStickyhas been sorely neglected. Still have a couple of interviews to give, expat at large passed me a literary baton, jaschocolate passed me a movie baton, and there are literaly dozens of people/issues/situations I haven't had time to properly mock. Sigh.

In other news, I've handed in my resignation. MrWang and Rana have cautioned me about blogging work-related issues, and I thank them for their concern and wise words, and will leave it at this: I feel as though a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders, whatever the future holds.

I stopped by the hideout after work one night (don't remember which anymore. wednesay?) to listen to daryl dj for a bit. Tres cool. While there saw like five of the guys from eye for a guy 2. Tres weird. the one guy with the pony tail has since gotten a nice harcut, looks much better. Everyone else looked the same. the short funny guy (harold?) asked the dj before daryl, Jon, who did a particualr song. It was the Ramones. I thought everybody knew the Ramones. So anyway, yeah, that's my eye for a guy story.

Today we went looking at houses, as our lease is coming up soonish. Went to joo chiat. I never knew there were so many hookers outside of geylang. But lots and lots of cool places to eat. It's like the EDB or URA or whomever said 'all KTV lounges must be within stumbling distance of decent food'.

Actually, to show you how oblivious I was, [redacted] had to point out to me that the hookers were in fact hookers. I hadn't really thought about why there were numbers of women wearing skimpy, revealing evening clothes in the early afternoon. I was too busy lugging MachineBoy around on my shoulder, as it was just too hot to keep him in the pram. They certainly weren't giving me the eye, as man with baby walking down street would be a hard sell, no matter how good you might be. After I saw the fourth Hotel 81 in a 2km walk, though, any doubts I had were pretty much dispelled.

Managed to take a look in the Today paper. Apparently my arch-nemesis Neil Humphreys has received some nasty emails from people calling him a pervert ang mo and telling him to leave his degenerate western moral values where they belong. The reason? A satirical article he wrote suggesting Singapore should build a nudist retreat to boost tourism. Never mind, Neil, they didn't get it when I called for your death, either. There's just no pleasing some people.

Well, it's lidat, loh. Now go get some sleep.


the rather mad jac said...

u came to joo chiat!!!!!!!!!!


Daryl said...

Hey thanks for showing up, dude.

MercerMachine said...

wish i could have stayed longer. Both at hideout and joo chiat, come to think of it :)