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Friday, September 09, 2005


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Very cold! Very very cold!
In other news, I'm watching Bush live on CNN, the swearing in of the new Undersecretary of State. This is not something that networks usually bother to broadcast live. He's referring to God a lot, and talking about the 9/11 attacks and terrorism in general.

In other words, somebody finally made him realize that there are lots and lots of people that used to like him, but now not so much. Georgie, they said, you need ta speechify! And Georgie said okie dokey.

So he's playing on those--oh, wait, he just referred to 'Almighty God'. Again.--he's playing on those two Republican strengths, the Religious Right and conservative hawks. I guarantee there will be more of that sort of thing to come. The terrorism comments are a drum he's been beeting faithfully for a long time, but the Christian rhetoric is about to be ramped up, I'll betcha.

The main difference between him and Clinton in terms of speechifying is that while Clinton was actually speaking, you tended to believe him (or at least believe that he believed himself). When Bush speaks-- well, let's just say he's concentrating on getting the words right rather than their meaning.


The Fool of a Took said...

i've always preferred dogs to humans but aiyoh. so cute.

i meant machineboy, not machineman. hehe sorry.

HairyDonut said...
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MercerMachine said...

yeah, cute. but at least i don't regurgitate on a regular basis. or poop in my pants.

La Idler said...

Frankly, I used to be pro-Bush, but then he started to fuck up -- a lot! And it's not just giving speeches.