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Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Other Mercer Machine

One is a dilletante-ish stringer-together of words. The other is 'committed to manufacturing components which conform to their customers' specifications'. But it's positively eerie how true this is of both Mercer Machines:

"Motivated, skilled personnel assures that Mercer Machine's customer's get quality service
with on-time delivery."

Well, except for the whole 'motivated' thing. And the 'on time' issue. And 'quality service' is possible, but not bloody likely. But at least I know that there are two gramatical boo-boos in the above quote. So there.


Anonymous said...

I am certainly short on answers, but as long as people keep an open mind and sharing ideas like you, the truth will eventually be revealed. Perhaps those truths can make a difference somewhere somehow.

I think your blog rules! My hats off to you. I've got it bookmarked and will definitely be paying it another visit.

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MercerMachine said...

Dear anonymous spammer,

It's struly refreshing to hear someone admit that they are short on answers, and it tickles me pink to hear you speak of keeping an open mind in relation to a non-specific topic.

I, too, think my blog rules, and your hats should be off to me. How manyhats would that be, by the way, and do you wear them all at once or serially? In other words, do you take one hat off to me at a time, or all at once? I do hope you'll reply; by answering this question, I can judge the sincerity of your adoration.

As for your 'pitbull breaders' site, I think I shall have to pass. Pit bulls should never be breaded, you see. they should be filleted and pan seared.

The Screwy Skeptic said...

Good lord. Grammatical faux-pas in both your post AND your blam.

I gotta say though, all that existential hoo-ha about truth is the most original spam I've seen so far.