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Thursday, October 20, 2005

SSTWC Special Feature: "Sticky Issues"

Due to underwhelming demand, SomethingStickyThisWayComes has opened a graphical-type department! Concentrated on bringing you crudely drawn stick figure cartoons of questionable content, SSTWC has spared no expense in setting up our new 'artistic' operation, known as Sticky Issues. Why, you might ask? Because at SSTWC, we believe that having no reason to do something is reason enough. So visit today, and be underwhelmed yourself!
Here's what the critics have to say:
"Crude. And by crude, I mean horribly drawn." - T. Thomas Finch, Professor of Social Poltics, Harvard University
"Without any redeeming artistic qualities whatsoever." Imelda Krink, Fine Arts Chair, The Goering Institute
"I'd say his fingers should be broken, but I think they already are." - "Bruno"

1 comment:

tinkertailor said...

nice enterprise. might even be able to sell a book someday.
might wanna try 'sticky porn' as well ;)