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Monday, November 28, 2005

Die, die die.

To the sick fucker in washington, michigan, who wandered over to this blog by doing a yahoo search for 'boy nude photo':

I hope your testicles rot off, you sick fuck. I hope you end up in prison, where you are anally raped with broomstick handles before breakfast, and some big fucking biker named dutch knocks out all your teeth so you can service him better on those cold lonely nights. and then I hope you die die die.



[At Dr. Lowem's intelligent suggestion, here is the ip address that was listed. I dunno if it's complete; I'm not geek enough to know what to do about this. But if anyone who reads this is...
IP Address: 68.62.89.# (Comcast Cable)]


PC said...


"boy nude photo"? That frigging sick.

Unknown said...


reckon it would be a VERY good idea to post the f-er's IP address up there for all to know.

that sick fark of a paedophile.

Anonymous said...

u think that's sick? i was checking my stats 2 days ago, and someone searched for "small naked girls sleeping menses"

:| *gag*

HairyDonut said...

I know someone ( who will come up in any searches for "sex after decapitation" and "roasting".

Samsung said...

Yeah, pedophiles particularily creep me out.


Johnny Malkavian said...

You should see agagooga's search engine referrals.