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Sunday, December 04, 2005


So we do the pub crawl, sort of; start off at the Oz Bar, where the beer is relatively cheap but the band's utter crap (they actually did a cover of 'Feelings'). Then we wander over to Anywhere bar, because I remember it as having good live music, but now Anywhere Bar is Marco's Anywhere, and the working girls outnumber the customers. 'Are you Mister Crawford?' the pimp man asks Expat. 'That depends,' Expat replies. 'Do you have a large sum of money for Mister Crawford?'

A few minutes later the Madame decides we're just thick, and so approaches Expat again. Spells it out: 'Would. You. Like. Some. Female. Companionship?' And I'm wondering why nobody ever asks me that. Feeling a bit left out, actually.

There is a band, and they're okay, but we need to get out of there. So I remember there was a nice little quiet pub next to Tanglin mall, and we trudge over there, but now it's some Russian restaurant, so we grab a taxi and proceed to pay for the privilege of sitting in traffic on Orchard Road on a Saturday night.

We muck around Emerald Hill, which I thought was somewhere else, and in Alley Bar I hand over a $50 bill for two beers. I wait for change. And wait. And then a bartender tells me take a seat, it'll come. And then a half hour later Expat corners a manager and two seconds later my change arrives. I guess I should be thankful I got a rebate on the Ang Mo tax.

Then we ended the night at Ice Cold Beer, drinking warm Asahi and splitting a pizza.  The moron next to us is wearing a hideous pink striped polo shirt, collar up (of course), and printed on the back of the collar in gothic script no less is the word PREP. I can only see PRE from where I am sitting, and so assume it says PRETENTIOUS. Look, I am not a fashion plate, but dammit it's not the 80's and even if it were some 80's teen movie, the only person who wears polos with the collar up is the rich boy who everybody hates and who gets his comeuppance at the end of the flick. Just. Stop.

And there were many things discussed, from the inane to the deeply serious, but as you were not there, you don't get to share. So there.


Tym said...

Should've started and ended with Ice Cold Beer. It never fails me. Then again, I'm neither ang moh nor male.

I hear that Russian restaurant near Tanglin Mall is not bad.

expat@large said...

It was the band at Anywhere that played Feelings.


AmourArmor said...

You probably look too serious to be approached by someone who wants to be your "female companion".



expat@large said...

Amouramor, MM does not look all that serious in the "flesh". Slightly underfed maybe but certainly not serious. OK, a tad brooding and mysterious, I'll grant you that.

Me? I'm the target demographic.