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Friday, December 23, 2005

Guess what i got for Christmas?

the flu.


AmourArmor said...

Oh, god, me too. I haven't had anything besides wheat toast and 7Up in the past three days.

Get better soon, huh?

'Tis the season.


dr.lowem said...

LOL, oops... I shouldn't be mocking...

valkyrie said...


which reminds me, i spent this time last year sick as a dog, so i'd better watch it this time.

get well soon!

Corporate Manwhore said...

Get Well Soon.

Corporate Manwhore

mrdes said...

I just recovered from my...take care and hope it will be over my Doc advised,take exercisng as a lifestyle to keep the flu away....cheerio

Jaschocolate said...

Should i say congrats or should i offer my condolences.. Both sounded sooooo wrong... Anyway, take care and DONT pass the germs to dear baby machine hor..

Tym said...

Doh! Take care, dude.

sweet bitch said...

No shit. I've got flu too.

w. said...

Ugh. I think you passed it to me. ):

PC said...


Just recovered too.. Hope you've recovered.. this is a mother of a flu bug...

Have a blessed Christmas with Mrs MM and little MB.

My daughter and wifey are in HK having the time of their life, and I'm left behind to look after my little 10 month old..

No sleep for the next 4 days!!! *grin*