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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I am a b

That's right. I am a b. And you know what? That's just fine with me. I've always been an under-achiever. Set the bar low, or better yet, what bar? Why should I have to jump a bar when I can just walk around it to get to where I'm going?

Why is it there is no antonym for kiasu?

I say we start an anti-kiasu movement! Amble onto the train! Wait for everyone else to jam themselves onto the escalator! Leave work on time! Let your kid do totally unrewarding, unenriching things like, oh, play instead of going for tutoring. Stop caring whether your former classmates are making more money than you/having sex with better looking people than you/live in a bigger or more expensive house than you do. Because you know what? It's not about them. It's about you. How you decide to live your life, what's in your best interest. Is it staying at work until 8 or 9 just to make a good impression? Maybe your boss will love you, but guess what? Your spouse, your family probably want to have you around. That is, if they also cut back on their Pilates/Maths tuition/what the hell ever they're doing instead of, you know, living.



xenoboysg said...


when MachineBoy grows up and looks back at the blogs of MM and Smootie, he *will* sense grace.

yea ya got da spirit in a short post. only b's can do dat. hehe

take care

lec said...

as long as you remain in sg your anti-kiasu movement will never catch on. why don't you come over to the UK where to come second or third or last doesn't matter - it's the spirit of participation that matters old boy - it's just an apologist who know his race has already ruled the waves and it's ok for someone else to carry the global flag.

And your neighbour having sex with someone better looking - no sex please we're british?

AmourArmor said...

Americans (and the Japanese for that matter) are exceptionally good at forsakening the family for the Corporation, and like most people, I've seen it in action. It's just another way of dealing with loneliness and the inability to form warm, significant relationships with other people. Somehow we think if we earn enough, buy enough, we'll be full and happy, but it doesn't quite work that way.

I mean, if you're going to be miserable and alone, why not have the money too?


Postmaster-General said...

well said, but it's tough. there's just no satisfying everyone.

meim said...

Who says B-graders are not elitists? They are just the more privilege to realise that it is okay not to put in 100%. Anti-kiasuism won't work, unless your singlish is "polished" enough.

Terry said...


Kevin said...

B, C or D, it's doesn't matter who you were, but who you will be.

Kiasuism is a term coined by Singaporeans, but is definitely something that's universal. haven't you see the Black Friday sales in America where people get trampled grabbing useless things on sale?

Anonymous said...

nicely said i have been finding a website for anti-kiasu.Do u noe of any website to deal wif these f***in knn cb kiasu ppl?