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Thursday, December 15, 2005

MachineBoy's bath time

MachineBoy's bath time
Originally uploaded by MercerMachine.
mainey, mokie-- let the bidding commence!


the maine minx said...

i can offer nothing but my undying love for that cutie.

(at least until i make my first million)

may i confess also that one of the reasons why i wanted to marry an ang moh was so i could spawn an angel as cute as yours. just look at those eyes!

p.s: was elated you dropped by today. always nice to see a friendly face in the midst of all that dust on the bookshelves. am honoured to be part of the blog awards thing.

p.p.s : i don't do weekends at work, so if u ever bring Machineboy down again, do it on the weekdays. (pretty please!) and when's that tex-mex bbq thing you're supposed to have!
i'll bring the bf, who's also a blogger. (so he'll fit right in)

w. said...

I ALSO WANT TO START BIDDING. I can offer cookies! Or cheesecake? (Until I steal my first million. hurhur.)

Do I get to go for the bbq thing too? My girlfriend's not a blogger but she reads your's too!

lec said...

hey i make mean brownies - my bid!

The Legal Janitor said...

I also want to marry an ang moh! But somehow the reverse (ang moh chick + asian dude) doesn't seem to happen very often. =(

Your kid is so cute, like one of those babies in TV advertisements!

the maine minx said...

he's mine i tell you.

la-la mee said...

I offer all of my organs (which can fetch quite a hefty sum, except for the lungs) for him.

And he loves me too! He hugged me the moment he saw me!

I MUST find an ang moh husband. On hindsight, I'll just find an ang moh sperm donor since I have given up on men.

You've been talking about the bbq forever!

the maine minx said...

mike! i swear, if u had brought machineboy down on a weekday last, i would have gotten a hug too.