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Friday, December 02, 2005

Photographic evidence

MercerMachine Portrait
Originally uploaded by MercerMachine.
So yeah, this is me. In a suit, no less.


expat@large said...

From Esquire - The Rules:

Rule No. 243: When it comes to author photos, hands should be at least eight inches from the face.

The Screwy Skeptic said...

you look...younger than i would've thought. having adopted you as a mentor-esque figure, i find this highly disappointing. you're supposed to be greying and like, smoking a pipe or something. geez.

The Legal Janitor said...

you look suitably impressive. Like a columnist for a paper like the Times (Financial Times btw, not NYTimes lol) or The Economist.

MercerMachine said...

E@L: 'badges? we don't ned no stinking badges!'

SS: what did I say? pick somebody dead! then no disappointment!

shianux: yeah, very 'deep thoughts' pose. heh. like jack handy...