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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sg Blog Awards?

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, in that twitchy time where ideas come to me but I'm just too tired to get up and do anything about them, I thought to myself, 'Why not have a Singapore blog awards? How hard could it be? You could create categories that would be fun, and categories tat would be serious. 'Best Beng Blog', 'Best Depressing Post' 'Blog Most Likely To Incur The Wrath of PAP', 'Blog Most Plagiarized by the MSM', 'Best Blog With the title 'SomethingStickyThisWayComes' and stuff like that. It would be a hoot.

And then I realized A) I'm lazy, B) I have no programming skills and don't really know how to set it up, and C) I'm lazy. And so I went to sleep, MachineBoy's head buried comfortingly in my armpit.

But when I woke up this morning, the idea was still buzzing around in my noggin, along with 'gotta pee', 'need caffiene' and 'gimme a cigarette'.

So if any of my clever cever readers have any ideas on how to proceed, post a comment or email me at


Re-minisce said...

don't bother, mercer.

really, with the country the way it is, it'll just turn into a frenzied popularity contest with the "celebrity crew" whoring themselves desperately to the public, taking all the titles, and parading them triumphantly to their adoring fans.

Blog awards... are for children.

expat@large said...

Blogger Least Likely to Win a Celebrity Contest

Kiddies Favorite Blog

Blog Run By Person Most Likely To Be (or have been) An Actual Whore

Blog With Least Original Design Layout (clue: anything from Blogger)

Male Expat Blogger Who Looks Good In A Tux And (therefore) Has The Most Adoring Girlie Fans (clue - MM!)

Blog With Kena English Upside Down One

Blog That Uses Spell-Check Least

Ah, the category list could go forever...

(I notice Mr Brown has positively LEAPT to the lead in the blog awards... did he mention it on his blog, let's check...


Yep. Late charge from Xiaxue's nutters/fans though...)

Tym said...

Further suggestions for categories:

Most Teenager Blog Not Written By An Adult

Least Navigable Blog

Least Updated Blog (preferably at least one year without updating)

Best Political Blog Written By A Singaporean Not Residing In Singapore (actually, this could be a serious category)

In the spirit of all things (allegedly) Singaporean, more than 50% of the categories will be walkovers (i.e. only one nominee deemed 'suitable') and voting for the remaining categories will be closely tagged so that every vote can be traced to the voter.

the retarded fool of a took said...

What about Best Looking Blogger While Hiding Face Behind Tophat?

Oh, how shameless of me!


Postmaster-General said...

How about the "Blog with the most *ombies". That would be a great one.

"Most Borg-like Blog"

"Blog most likely to suceed"

"Blog most likely to spend next year in jail"

"Blog most likely to be elected president"

"Blog most likely to set itself on fire"

"Blog most likely to end up in the pron industry"

"Best Female Blog" (i love a good cat fight)

"Blog most likely to end up an alcoholic"

"Most melodramatic blog"

"most melon-dramatic blog"

"Joseph and his technicolour dream blog"

"Blog you should never read unless you want to get real hungry"

"Best [insert neighbourhood here] Blog"

"Blog most likely to be charged under the Seditions Act"

"Blog that shortens your life the fastest"

)ed: got to cut him off this is getting nuts)

MercerMachine said...

hey, just so you know, you've all ben drafted to be 'anonymous panelists'. yes, even you, re-minisce. :)

tinkertailor said...

just off my head...

best use of singlish

best use of singlish by expat/foreigner

best use of local expletives

most hated in blogosphere

most hated by mainstream news

most likely to be sued by PAP

most likely to be charged for sedition

best Singtel moblog (i don't forsee any winners though)