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Sunday, February 12, 2006

An unsuccessful experiment

So I tried cutting back on my Prozac dosage for various reasons, like expense, because I felt ready, because I am a moron, etc. Went from 40mg to 20mg a day. At first things were fine. Then they weren't.

My extreme irritability crept back in, and then my weird anxiety/avoidance thing, and then the touch of paranoia. So I'm back on the full dose.


Looks like I should invest in Lilly stock.


AmourArmor said...

Ah, Prozac. I forget how much I was taking at one point, but I still have bottles of it laying around, as sort of testament to my rites of passage in depression.

When I finally weaned myself off of the Wellbutrin, a couple of years ago, it was partially do to the fact that I really couldn't afford it anymore, and I felt "ready." Now, the Therapist tells me that the reason why I had another episode this year (and part of last year) was because I had stopped taking it and was therefore vulnerable. The stress hits, and bam! You're back to where you started.

Don't feel bad, it's not like you can control a biochemical deficiency in neurotransmitters. And it doesn't make you less of a person or weaker in any way. The fact that you're willing to do something about your illness says alot about your character. Most men (sorry to pick on your gender, but this usually holds true) are in denial or they blame those around them even when secretly, inside themselves they're insecure and afraid of being called weak.

You can beat this thing, but we all need a little help sometimes, and that's what the Prozac is for: help.

Keep me updated and don't disappear.


valkyrie said...

have you considered xanax? if your symptoms begin with anxiety, then it might work.

my condition is panic disorder so i'm not sure if anxiety related to depression could require a more regular dosage, but for what it's worth i don't find myself too reliant on xanax. i only take it when i'm about to freak out.

it can swing from days on end, to going months without. so i don't seem to have built a dependency on it.

like what jae said, you can beat this thing! keep up the fight!