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Monday, November 01, 2010

Laundry List

  • I see the urologist at Singapore General Hospital on Wednesday (I say that like there's only one, and like I know him/her). I look forward to bringing along the stone in a ziplock back and waving it around while saying proudly 'Look what I made!'
  • I have promised the Son that I will buy the nicorette gum. And to drink more water every day. Nothing like a five year old to keep you honest. (by the way, I do not smoke around the kids).
  • If I can survive the next six months, I may be able to eat something other than instant noodles.
That is all.


Fifty-One-Fifty said...

My mom quit on the gum when I was about five because I kept after her...

DilettanteP said...

Hi Mercer,

You WILL survive!

Good on you to go the nicorette gum.

New beginnings and healthy living!:)

Take care!