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Saturday, March 26, 2011

My brainz. It works funny.

Lying in bed last night, staring at the ceiling, it came to me what my story-in-progress "The Rashomon Gate" "was really about. Voila, just like that, I had the ending and a big chunk of the middle fall into my lap.

Total non-spoiler tease, it's sort of a Purloined Letter of extreme proportions. Poe for the save!


DilettanteP said...

Hi Mercer Machine,

I hear that brilliant writers often have the stories "appear" before them...

sounds like you have managed to get access into your super consciousness and get to that place where struggling writers are always trying to find that get just that one breakthrough!


Michael McClung said...

Hi there, stranger!

Now I just have to get it written :)

expat@large said...

Tom Stoppard says than he he came up to writing the very end of his mostest awesomest and potentially confusing play, "The Real Inspector Hound", he had no idea of the identity of the of the mysterious dead body he had placed (literarilly) under the sofa. Then it came to him, it's ****, and *bing*, the entire play made sense (sorta - it's a weird play) after all.