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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Need your input

So I'm thinking about doing an Amazon experiment and publishing my short story 'All the World a Grave' on Amazon. Say you were shopping around for a quick  horror or dark fantasy read, and saw this for 99 cents. Would it grab your attention?

Please let me know in the comments. Thanks!


expat@large said...

we'd be lining up around the digital, virtual, block.

expat@large said...

can't find my ecopy of Thagoth though. I think it's on some long defunct Palm Pilot somewhere...

Michael McClung said...

1. I know *you* would buy it, because you know me 'n stuff, but what if you didn't know me? Is the cover something that would catch your eye?

2.I'm considering putting it (Thagoth) out there in paperback format. It's just a pain in the ass, as the only copy i have is in ebook format that doesn't alow copy/paste. Grrr...

DilettanteP said...

Hi Stranger

I would, mainly because I don't know you and the price is cheap. Not too great an emotional decision when it comes to buying this book as a reader/ consumer as I can handle losing the 99 cents if it wasn't a great book. It will be a different story if the book is say, $29.90.

I think even if you up it to $2.99- there would still be takers so don't short sell yourself for a start, especially if this book was never published!:)

Gina @ My Precious said...

Well the drawings are nice. But sometimes just plain black against white doesn't really jump off the computer monitor as well as it does paper. I'd almost say you need to add another color to the mix. Something which would be the attention grabber.

Plus, as spooky goes, black and white are too much of a stark contrast to create the sullen mood you need for this type of a book.

Michael McClung said...

Ok, so changes to undertake so far:

1. Need to clearly state in teh description that this is a short story, not a novel

2. Need to beef up the pathetic description

3.I need to add some color to the cover. Red. Blood red. Actually ties into the story.

You guys rock!

(and hi Dilletante P and welcome Gina!)

expat@large said...

love the red idea! I am not a graphic designer obviously. Hey, ask Izzy, she is!

Michael McClung said...

Now I'm thinking of keeping all the short stories in black and white, to differentiate them from longer works I'll publish on amazon. Sort of a visual differentiation.

Must think more...

Isabella said...

Comments on the cover:

I think the fonts in the title could be selected to reflect the story (some ideas):

If you want me to design it for you I'll do it as a return favour for all the work you put into our DnD games :D

FB me if you're interested :))