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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Remain calm

Some people (okay, one person) has expressed some startlement at the recent changes on this here blog. I would just like to reassure everyone that change is good, change is natural. This is still SomethingSticky, I'm just adding the bit of my life that I've mostly left out -- the writing as profession bit.

Why haven't I really blogged about that much before? Mainly because it didn't exist much after THAGOTH got published. Depression, life change, fatherhood, life in general, including a serious bout of writer's block.

But, knock wood, I've got the old tingle back. Writing is happening around here, perhaps at a slower pace than previously, but steadily. And I still consider myself a writer, after everything that has happened. Self-identification is a powerful force.

So this blog should also reflect and reinforce that.

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Anthony said...

Your musings and therefore your blog is yours to adventure into whatever darkness (or maybe even light) that you so desire... you have a map?