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Friday, April 15, 2011

My Friend Izzy is Awesome

She says she still wants to play around with the font, or as Expat insists, the typeface. Izzy can call it what she wants, because I call it awesome.
Once all is ready and I parang my way through the formatting for Kindle, I'll be uploading this book of short stories to Amazon. I just wish they'd sell to Singapore. I need to find another platform that does. Currently considering Smashwords.

Once again, thanks so much Izzy. this is a truly beautiful, evocative cover.


DilettanteP said...

It's a lovely cover, Michael!:)

Have a great weekend ahead.

Anthony said...

Izzy is awesome :-)

Love the dark brooding Assassins Creed feel to it.

And I hear you on the Amazon to Singapore thing.