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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sex sells

No, really. Erotica sales on kindle are through the roof, apparently.

I can find no concrete data on Amazon's sales figures (and yes, I've looked, though not exhaustively), but one of the things I've turned up in my research is anecdote after andecdote of authors comparing their erotica sales (or the sales of their 'friends') to their non-erotica sales, and apparently it's like 100-1.

Maybe I should change genres? And think up a groovy pen name?


expat@large said...

Erotica? Meh. Give me strong pron! But I am a guy.

Fox Lee said...

My gay erotica makes much more than my horror stories. However, it's much harder to sell one since there are less markets.

dilettanteP said...

Thanks for the tip, Michael. I should start writing erotica again... hehehehhe

Michael McClung said...

E@L- But what about Henry Miller?

Natalie- Have you ever tried self-publishing as an ebook?

dilettanteP- you should start writing anything again!

Dream Pedlar said...

Any genre, as long as the writing's good, should be alright I suppose. :)

Isabella said...

There's never enough sex in fantasy novels. That's why fan-fic forums exist.

Michael McClung said...

Dream Pedlar- The question is, I suppose, can I write good erotica? I've never even tried, to be honest.

Izzy- I will endeavour to write a proper epic fantasy with all the naughty bits left in, just for you ;)

Isabella said...

It doesn't take much. I've had fantasies of the cast from the Song of Ice and Fire. Not involving the ice wraiths though.