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Sunday, April 03, 2011

A week in the life

So the apartment is clean. I mean really clean, except for the bookshelves and the kitchen, and I'll get to them. The kind of clean where you look under the bed and see the eviction notice for all the dust bunnies and sundry other pests. Even the dog is clean.

So now that's out of the way, I've just got papers to mark and a 45 minute grammar lesson to prepare before Wednesday. Does this mean I'll get tons of writing done this week? Not really, because Sunday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon is about the kids. I'll go and pick Ryan up in about four hours, and then it's about him. Then tomorrow morning I'll take him to school and have four hours between school start and lunch time. When I take him back to school after lunch his sister Aubrey arrives, so there's a couple of hours with just her, and then her gor gor (big brother) gets off school, and pandemonium ensues. It's frenetic, dramatic, hair-pulling, full of vile accusations and dastardly deeds, and the best part of my week.

The brother will pack it in about 9:30, but little sis will fight for consciousness with every fibre of her little chubby body. Who knows when she will finally pack it in? 10:30? 11:00?

And the next morning there's the mad rush to get food in the boy and get him off to school, and then some time with the little one, then lunches, and then its time for me to go to work. It's all over too quickly. And Wednesday comes, with a packed schedule from 9 to 9, leaving Thursday and Friday a little writing room. Saturday is a 9-6 kinda day, seeing me reach home about 8. Dinner, a little internet or tv or a book, and done.

So no, I don't get lots of writing done during the week, despite my 'light' schedule. It seems I write in 500 word bursts, approximately. and that's fine. A couple of pages at a time.

Sorry for the blather. It's just that kind of morning.


expat@large said...

You have excuses coming our your excuse-hole!

Me? I'm going for a coffee and stare into space.

Michael McClung said...

I'm getting there. Got about 500 words on All My Enemies done (a complete rewrite as I cannot find a copy of the original draft), about 500 on Rashomon plus I figured out the ending, and about 3k immediately useable for Joo Chiat Blues plus twice as much in exploratory writing. Slow and steady...

Isabella said...

Good for you. I wrote 1000 words and realized I was writing the same story with different characters.

Michael McClung said...


Means your subconscious is not done with that theme :)