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Friday, April 22, 2011

Writing news & plans & suchlike

  • One of the stories that I mentioned would be published in an anthology will now not be. It was a last minute replacement for another tale. Didn't work out. I had a feeling about it (scrunches up face).
  • I am so gonna finish and polish up The Crimson Witch to submit to Sword & Sorceress XXVI.
  • Tomorrow I go see the doctor to find out why I have been dizzy/short of breath for more than a week. Well, another doctor. The first one basically said I had gas. Then he asked for payment in chickens. 
  • Put your hand down, Alligator. I didn't even ask a question this time.

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Dream Pedlar said...

I followed your link to Sword & Sorceress and came across this gem.
The first sensible piece I have come across in a long time on this issue!