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Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh, how I wanted to like you

It was free. One shouldn't complain about free, right?


If someone gives you a gift, and you open up the box, and there's a steaming turd inside, you are allowed to complain.

I'm not saying David Dalglish's The Weight of Blood is a steaming turd. It's not. It's just not very good, and it has some serious problems.

Top three reasons I won't finish reading it:

3. When someone in an epic fantasy calls someone else in an epic fantasy 'goofy' it destroys the entire tone of the work for me. And I like using borderline anachronistic dialog.

2. When the worldbuilding states that the world is only 500 years old, and yet there are countless examples of  technologies mastered that take millenia to work out, I start to wonder if this whole thing wasn't ripped from your in-house D&D campaign.

1. When the likeable one of your two main characters is a serial child killer, I stop reading.

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