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Sunday, September 11, 2011

My new, new favorite number: 10,154

According to the numbers available to me, Thagoth's record low ranking on Amazon was #428,352 back on July 15th. Now I know it has been lower than that; the book's been around a good long while, and there were vast stretches of time - months - where not a single copy was sold. But the data made available to me only goes back to June 16th.

Last night I visited Belinda Frisch's blog (an excellent writer of horror; please check her out) and saw that she'd helpfully given a nice detailed how-to on getting your book featured on the Kindle Lover's site. What the hey, I thought, and followed the quick and painless steps she'd indicated.

When I went to bed, Thagoth was ranked #223,862. When I woke up, it was at #13,263. At the time of this writing, it's at #10,154. It may continue to climb. I'd be ecstatic if I could break into 4 digit territory (sure, I'd be happy for three digits, but let's not get crazy). The highest ever ranking for Thagoth that I have data for was #34,421 on August 17th.

The lesson learned? Try new things. Listen to the hive mind. Always look for new ways to connect with readers. The fight is not with other authors or books, or with publishers, or anything else but obscurity.

Make some noise.


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Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind mention and I'm glad to have been able to help. My writing nearest and dearest all reaped a 50-sale day (minimum) from Kindle Lovers and we're working pretty reciprocally. When I found Kindle Lovers, they had about 12K followers. As of right now there are a little over 17K. A big jump in two weeks. I'd say their readership appreciates the flood of new authors ;-)

Jae Jagger said...

I hardly finish anything anymore, but I will buy it next month.