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Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 - The year ahead

2011 definitely had its ups and downs. I'm not gonna lie. I don't talk much about personal stuff on this here blog anymore, but for the year that was, the highs were high, and the lows were low. To be honest, all I've ever wanted was a nice, quiet life. Well, that and a t-rex. That I could ride like a pony.

Writing-wise, 2011 was the best year I've had in quite a while. Two stories published in anthologies. Completely new stories written and completed, for the first time in a long time. And of course the iTunes success of 'The Thief Who Spat in Luck's Good Eye' which honestly took me wholly by surprise. The first time I noticed it was #1on the US free epic fantasy chart was November 22nd. Today is January 14th. It's #1 on the US free epic fantasy chart. It hasn't stayed at #1 the whole time, but it's never gone more than a couple of days out of the #1 spot.

Holy hell.

So now literally thousands of people have read it. as of this writing, 79 of them have given it a starred review, and the average review is 4 of 5 stars. Not bad. It's led to greater sales for Thagoth as well, probably in the low hundreds. I won't know those numbers until Random House deigns to send me a royalty statement.

Success in ebooks is never assured, but the more you have to offer, the more likely it becomes. Which is why I've also published a book of short stories, called The Sorcerer's Lament and Other Tales. Short stories don't really sell all that well, but hey, that's what I've got right now, and I like 'em. Hopefully some other folks do, too.

In 2012 I need to decide a few things: Do I take Thagoth back from Random House, since the rights have reverted to me? Do I seriously seek representation and a traditional writing career? Or do I continue on as I have begun in 2011, on the wild and woolly indie author route? Or some combination thereof?

Right now I'm pursuing all avenues.

I've queried a handful of agents. One has responded, and is taking a look at Thagoth. We'll see how it goes. If experience is any guide, most likely the response will be 'thanks but not for me and good luck'. That's the response I'm prepared to receive. If that's the one I get, then I take back Thagoth from Random House, edit it with the benefit of nearly a decade's more experience, and re-release it as an indie. If on the other hand I get a 'hey, let's get serious' response from the agent, then all bets are off.

I'm not betting on that. We'll see.

If my future is in indie publishing, then there are many things for me to get done in 2012: The prequel to Thagoth for a start (The Blade That Whispers Hate), and then to kick off my Singapore-based urban fantasy series starting with a free novelette titled 'Hell Notes' that leads into the first in the series, titled Joo Chiat Blues. I'm working on all three, you know, in between my actual, pay-the-bills work.

So. I know making plans makes the Big Guy laugh, but those are mine for 2012. Such as they are.

Unless I get my T-Rex pony. Then all bets are off.


Anonymous said...

Plans are always a good thing. :) It doesn't matter if they actually happen. Okay... It does, but I believe the whole planning process and moving towards the plan is more important than actually achieving it. Along the way, plans evolve and change and grow. And us along with them. :)

expat@large said...

You deserve the best outcome, so I am praying to the gods of t-rex's for a pony for you this birthday.

Deborah Walker said...

I love the way that Indie publishing has kick started your career. What a wonderful inspiration. Methinks I ought to give it a stab.