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Friday, July 20, 2012

Twice more, with feeling

I forgot to mention I've got a couple new stories up. One is currently free, and may remain so for quite some time. Or, you know, not. The other is 99 cents.

"The first time they made love – the first time he had ever made love, though not her – it was in his Malibu, on a frost-rimed night in early spring. The act itself was accomplished with a gentle urgency and a seemingly unending need." 
A story of love, loss, pain and time travel. Mature themes. Free indefinitely.  Smashwords Link

Send-up (noun): A humorous parody. 
P'uy (noun): A vicious alien race with too many legs and teeth and not enough heads. 
Varger: (noun): An alien species bearing a striking resemblance to pink jello. 
Subaltern Flint (noun): A very junior officer who never meant to start anything... 
On Harbin IV, it's better to be lucky than good. 
99 measly cents. Smashwords Link

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