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Monday, February 11, 2013

Ignore this post

No really, ignore it. I'm just writing it because I need to write something. Anything.

My teeth hurt. Left side molars, up and down. The kidney stone(s) chime in occasionally, like a Greek chorus of pain. The pain medication is 1) not terribly effective and 2) makes me feel like I have a fever coming on. In addition, I've got a fever coming on.

Money. I have none. I've been here before, I'll most liekly be here again, but it never gets any easier. And I've got bills to pay and obligations to attend to that require money. Not to mention a few medical things that require money that i do not have. It's never far from my thoughts, a low-grade anxiety that just doesn't let up.

I need a haircut. Also, I now have, suddenly, gray hair. Less suddenly, a paunch.

And I can't write.


Deborah Walker said...

*hugs* I can't help with most of it, but I do have a tip for writer's block.

I type, 'I've got writer's block' over and over again. after ten minutes of that my muse knows I'm not mucking about. and some writing comes back.

expat@large said...

I suppose saying, "Get a real job and give up this foolishness!" would not help. Particularly as you have a real job already.

Don't let things get too bad. You know were I am, right? The door is always open. Mostly.