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Friday, June 10, 2005


The Seething Masses
Originally uploaded by MercerMachine.
Apparently there is a band called Energy. Apparently they are from Taiwan. Apparently they are freally freaking popular.

Apparently I am oblivious.

Anyway, they're at HarbourFront Centre tonight signing autographs for their new album 'Final Fantasy'. Hey, isn't that title sort of, uh, taken? Never mind, they're a BOY BAND!

The photo shows only one fifth of the should-be-seething-but-actually
-patient masses.

I'm getting old.

In other news, I mourn the death of all that is noble, intelligent and meaningful. As usual. When did we settle for mediocrity? Yes, I have been listening to Leonard Cohen again. 'Everybody Knows' to be precise.

'Everybody knows that the dice are loaded/everybody rolls with their fingers crossed/Everybody knows that the war is over/everybody knows that the good guys lost...'

Aargh. Who'd have thought that seeing teenagers waiting for what I suspect are talentless hacks, their adoration palpable, would bring on this existential hum? Tonight I feel that somehow as a race we are diminishing ourselves, generation by generation. From Beethoven to the Backstreet Boys. From Michelangelo to Mondrian (and worse). From Shakespeare to, oh, god, pick your talentless hack. Hell, close your eyes and run down the new fiction aisle at Borders, knocking books off the shelf as you go. Please.

Bah, humbug.


The Fool of a Took said...

HAHA. Beethoven to the Backstreet Boys. I like that. Shakespeare to Dan Brown perhaps?

I have updated. It's not much of a read though, you have been warned.

jeffyen said...

Today's BSB is tomorrow's (or the next century's) Beethoven, never forget it. LOL

Jaschocolate said...

Haha.. what to do.. People's tastes changed mah.. I bet Shakepeare needed time to be accepted back then as well..

Daryl said...

It's also not particularly fair to take the best artist of one generation and then compare them to a popular group... just like thinking about 60s music as only the Beatles without mentioning Engelbert Humperdinck or any of the parade of crap musicians of that era.

The only thing is, history lets us sieve out all the crap of the past to focus only on what survives over time, while we have to accept all of the present, good and bad, at once.

MercerMachine said...

I know you're right, Daryl, Jas. Just sometimes I wonder where OUR Beethoven is... will he/she/they even be recognized before I die?

Roxanne said...

Hmmm. I got the impression that great artists get recognized only after they die. (Dang, am I going to get world fame only when I am six feet under? ;(

expat@large said...

I walked out for lunch (I work in HFC) and tripped over about 3000 girls locked in security gates... The Star Leo/Virgo/Whatever was just coming in to dock that day. I thought they were all working girls lining up for tickets to fleece the gamblers on the boat!