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Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Saturday Morning News

The Morning After
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Latest Headlines: MachineBoy and Big Bird and an empty bottle. The shame.

News News: The New Paper forgot to use the word 'SHOCKER' on their front page today. How are we to know whether there are any lurid stories in this edition? So irresponsible.

Special Feature 1:
Sarong Party Girl says 'size does matter. I've never seen a 2.4 inch dildo.' Also, SPG bares all (again).

Special feature 2: Expat at Large is back, after Lycos
hijacked his website. That'll teach him to buy American.

Special Feature Recap:
Elyrie added to the list of young female Singaporean expats. She's in Washington, D.C. Sadly, no mention of promiscuous roomates, but read anyway as she has rather more than two thoughts to rub together.

Advice column: Hie thee to a nunnery!

Health: Reason #93728 why Little Miss Drinkalot cannot lose weight.

Opinion Forum: God, I miss real Tex-Mex. If one more person tells me that Taco Bell is Tex-Mex, I will tie them to a chair and force feed them moo goo gai pan, chortling all the while and repeating 'It's Chinese food, you know?'

Random Horrific Link: Barb Jump


elyrie said...

i do not have promiscuous roommates. however, i do have a hot lesbian roommate who occasionally hold lesbian parties at the house :) and another cool roommate who deejays part-time.

i never quite got the differences between tex-mex and real mexican. is tex-mex the typical food you get in mexican restaurants in the states - stuff like enchiladas, tacos and burritos? and real mexican food, everything else?

one would think that singapore would have some good tex-mex - the ingredients aren't particularly difficult to find!

MercerMachine said...

If only it were about the ingredients... I'm not saying there aren't mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants here, or tht the food isn't acceptable, but it's rather like having artist who has never seen an elephant draw one from a detailed written description. It's never quite right.

I would maim innocents for a plate of cheese enchiladas from Mi Tierra...