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Saturday, June 11, 2005


This is for the three people living in Outer Mongolia that haven't heard about Sarong Party Girl posting nude photos on her blog. To sum up the debacle in a couple rambling sentences, urbanmalebitch writes about it, cowboycaleb posts it on, and a few vociferous cretins complain. Anonymously, of course, as in addition to being cretins, they're also cowards.

Here's the deal: Michelangelo carves nude statue of David, we call it art. Davinci sketches the nude male form, we call it art. Botticelli paints bare breasted, voluptuous maidens, we call it art. We celebrate these and thousands of other works of art dealing with the unadorned human form; we consider them treasures of our species.

SPG posts a very tasteful, professional black and white nude photo of herself, one that was obviously carefully planned, lighted, art-directed with thougtful consideration to composition and form, and it gets called pornography.

So what is it, then? Is it that only dead white men can create nude art, or is it that SPG prefers living white men?

Grow up, vociferous anonymous cowardly cretins. Nobody made you click on the link. You weren't coldly, calculatingly stalked by a nude photo of an attractive female. It didn't leap on you out of the bushes, a puffy-nippled ambusher, catching you unawares. No, you went looking to be insulted, shocked, outraged, so that you could indulge in that most Singaporean of pastimes: Complaining.

The world is a big, big place, and Singapore is terribly small. Almost as small as your minds. The fact that SPG unabashedly shows her body and talks openly about her sexual preferences (knowing where she resides and what sort of reception she will get from narrow-minded, bigoted creatures such as yourselves) only serves to point out that not all Singaporeans are content to, sheeplike, blindly accept this society's rather haphazard mores.

You hate that, don't you?

Well, that's too goddamn bad. And here's another thing to keep you up nights, you dumb SOBs: under our clothes, we're all nekkid. EVEN YOU. You came into the world naked, you dolts. Nudity is only 'dirty' if/because we choose to make it so.

And as for sexual preference, the truth is you dislike SPG not because she wants to sleep with white men, but because she doesn't want to sleep with YOU.

Now go play in traffic, and stop bothering those of us who have two wits to rub together.


The Fool of a Took said...


takchek said...

You don't mean this ST article do you?

Jaschocolate said...

Hey, chill.. Singaporeans are generally more conservative, i guess..

Anyway, here's my thorough answers to your questions..

7-8 said...

Some of the most conservative places I've been to have been in the United States (was there for a few years). So it's really not true that westerners are more "liberal" and "enlightened" per se than inhabitants of this puny little island. Europe is all right, but you'd be interested to know how squamish the average American is about porn.

Anyway a book I'm reading, "the right nation", by Micklethwait and Woolridge, also mentions how conservative many Americans are.

Yes, and you hit the nail on the head, we're not upset with local women who want to sleep with white men, we're upset because they wouldn't sleep with us. And we do have a right to be upset, it's a very human thing. After all rage is more (much more) respectable than acquiescence. It's always better to take up arms than to grin sheepishly and say, "it's all right."

Porn is alright, I have nothing against porn. I'm a little surprised that spg (the person not the collective bunch of sluts) posting nudes would be considered a "first".

Now I'm going to put on my copy of "Safe European Home" by the Clash.

MercerMachine said...

78: Yes indeed, there are parts of the US that are very, very conservative. I grew up in the Bible belt, as a matter of fact. When I was a kid you couldn't buy toys on Sunday, because somehow that was a sin.

But whether parts of America are ass-backwards is not germain to this discussion. We're talking about a few Singaporeans' reaction to one Singaporean. The conservative US has nothing to do with it.

And no, you do NOT have a right to be upset with someone of your race if they choose to have sex outside your race. It's called racism. You say it's a very human thing. Fair enough. So is murder, rape and cannibalism.

7-8 said...

Yes, we do. And we're going to continue to be upset.

This is not racism, where you discriminate against somebody based upon their biological characteristics. I'm condemning an action, not a person.

If the girls prefer their men to be of a certain race, that's racism, and this here thing I'm condemning is racism.

Hate the sin, not the sinner.

MercerMachine said...

Okay, you have the right to be as upset as you want. I have the right to point out that it's patently illogical.

As for whether it's racism, actually yes, you are discriminating based on their biological characteristics. I thought that was clear. In this case, your discrimintation is targeted at Caucasians. You're saying in effect that Caucasians are not fit or less fit to reproduce than Chinese, and by extension, those of mixed blood are somehow less than those of 'pure' blood.

As for whether SPG is being racist in choosing white males over those of other races, that is actually a very good question. That depends on whether you believe that sexual preferences are chosen or not. Personally, I don't. One chooses to be racist. One does not choose to be gay, or have a fetish.

That said, it's my personal belief that excluding ANYONE from ANYTHING based solely on the color of their skin is wrong. In that sense, SPG would indeed be classified as a racist.

But let's not forget, it is every individual's inherent right to choose who they have sex with. Anything else would constitute rape, now wouldn't it?

Another thing to consider is the fact that SPG not sleeping with Chinese men does you absolutely no harm whatsoever. It does not affect you materially. It doesn not affect you at all. Taking personal issue with her decision is irrational.

Finally, dear 78, I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm white and my wife is Chinese. I chose her not because I abhor Caucasian females, but because I love my wife. She chose me not because she abhors Chinese men, but because she loves me. If you are going to tell me my wife is a race traitor or I am a race traitor, I will refer you to an evil little book called 'Mein Kampf' so you can get on with your unholy transformation and leave me and mine to live a sane, sensible life.

Cowboy Caleb said...

well said, dude!

7-8 said...

I think you are resorting to over- simplifications here.

We're not talking about "one drop" crap here. We're not talking racial purity here. Chinese girls can choose angmohs like you, that's fine. But the situation has come to be such that many of them put foreigners upon a pedestal over and above us. Now that's racism.

I am really not against inter- racial dating. I've had crushes on white girls before, a few others are good friends.

But the thing here is social parity. We really don't mind being on equal terms with you, but it's a matter of degree here. There would not be much of an issue if chinese men were going out with white women to the same extent that chinese women are going out with white men. But you have to be blind not to notice that this is not the case.

Like you say, we're not upset at white men. We're upset because our own women are racist enough to put the white man on a comparative pedestal.

The line between "the right to choose" and "racism" is very blur. If a chinese girl tells me, "I love him and he loves me... well he happens to be an angmoh", that's blameless. If she says, "I'm going to snag the first angmoh I see, Chinese men are not worthy of my attention", that's racism. The problem is that it's really tough to separate the two.

I'd believe her if she says it was the first reason, but I'd highly suspect it if she told me that the second reason didn't figure at all in her considerations.

You can't help your sexual preferences? I'd grant that to a degree, but I've come across research that men can get attracted to women of all shapes and sizes and I suspect the same is true of women. But women do not choose their life partners based on sexual attractions alone and for your sake I hope your wife didn't. I believe that it's the non-sexual considerations that privilege the white man. The part that you can do something about.

As for your suggestion that Chinese guys don't suffer from stereotypes about their kind, I hate to tell you this but we aren't 4 year old kids anymore.

Anyway I'm sorry to spoil your happy home here, this protracted discussion on racism shouldn't have happened. But you do have to watch that didactic and superior tone of yours sometime. Or maybe you're just baiting suckers like me in which case confuckinggratulations. The world is not a fair and happy place and I'll be damned if I don't say something about it.

Anyway, you asked why I brought up American conservatives. The reason was to point out that squeamish / prudish people exist everywhere and not exclusively on this tiny hot tropical country of ours.

7-8 said...

I should have been upfront and said that I'm not upset about inter-racial relations per se, but rather the lack of parity between the white man and the chinese man.

Anyway, there you go. I speak for myself and maybe some others like me when I say this resentment is not simple evil supremacist racial hate but something more nuanced. Call it whatever you want, just don't call it irrational.

You've pissed me off, I've pissed you off back, and now we're even. Ciao!

The Legal Janitor said...

Hey, I didn't know you're Texan... cool!

I think I'm probably the only Singaporean I know who would probably vote Republican and for W if I were American...

7-8 said...

bible belt = texan? I thought the bible belt was larger than that...

KwokSiong said...

ah finally, someone in defence of spg...

The Screwy Skeptic said...

Maybe I've been away for far too long, but what's the big deal? It's a photo of a woman. And she's naked.
Boo f-ing hoo.

It was artistic enough, in any case. And even so, haven't you dipwads ever opened up a copy of Playboy or Penthouse before?

You know, even in conservative parts of the U.S., the folks here would not be surprised to find nudie pics - gasp - online.

My god, I cannot believe something as little as this made it into the local papers. It says a lot.

jeffyen said...

And as for sexual preference, the truth is you dislike SPG not because she wants to sleep with white men, but because she doesn't want to sleep with YOU.

A compelling hypothesis, needs further research. hahaa

Skippy-san said...

I think its great and if her preference is to sleep with white men so much the better! Its about time we got credit for something. There is nothing wrong with a cute Asian girl boinking a Gaijin!

I think the pictures are great!

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