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Sunday, June 05, 2005

From a real poet

(Shamelessly lifted from mr brown, this poem describes perfectly what it was like for me when MachineBoy was first born, and he and MrsMachine were both lying there exhausted in the hospital bed)

The Saviour

I will draw heavy wagons around you tonight.
I will station large men in high towers.
I will call God to hurl down thunder and lightning.

I will speak slowly in a calm voice.

I will build large sirens at the gate to our city.
I will surround us with barbed wire.
I will shine torches in the faces of all who pass by.

My eyes will not blink.

I will listen carefully to stories concerning the activities of heroes.
I will dig deep trenches in firm clay.
I will wear armour removed from the shoulders of beetles.

My back will be held straight.

I will collect wood to be used in the lighting of fires.
I will paint bold signs in red paint.
I will loose fast dogs to hunt in long grass for intruders.

I will ask you not to be afraid.

Glenn Colquhoun From Playing God

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Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Your questions are ready at my blog. Sorry I took so long.

The Fool of a Took said...

wah another mention by the MACHINE! do you want to be my publicist? hahaaa.

and machineboy is cute, despite my reservations about all babies are evil things. yes, when you are young you say these things. -gives herself a pat-

MercerMachine said...

fool of a took is funny. Also, MercerMachine was once a waiter. Ergo, MM gives FOAT nice plug to his public (which would be like 4 loyal readers :)

Publicist? Nah. Unless you're rich? Nah.

MercerMachine said...

LMD: thanks! You rock! LMD funny. MM not worthy!

Can't stand any more acronyms! been in S'pore too long, taking SMRT to avoid the PIE and AYE and ERP!