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Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Saturday Morning News

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Latest headlines: MachineBoy is still cute, wonky tong is actually a porn star, and little miss drinkalot is now a editor at large.

All is right with the world.

Special feature: 'Singaporean girls in faraway lands'.
fool of a took resides in the land down under (along with her rather frightening, rather promiscuous roommate), flyingfaeries muses randomly in london, and wonky tong finally breaks it off with her own (rather frightening, rather promiscuous) roommate in canada.

Advice column: Don't eat the yellow snow, experts agree; never play cards with a man named Doc; and never go to bed with someone who's got more problems than you.

Random horrific link:
Chainsaw the Children


xue said...

Thanks for linking me. :)

Anonymous said...
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elyrie said...

and you also have a singaporean girl in dc reading you. haha. i'm over at livejournal.