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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Why I can't be a editor

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jim said...
"you'd need to be an "award-winning" blogger and also probably a photo of yourself decked up in pink on the top of your every other page.

plus probably coz she was one of the people who was at the meeting/drink session which spawned off the tomorrow idea."

Well, jimmy, never say never. Pretty pink picture, check. Now must bribe some organization to award me with something asian. Next, must invent time machine or else drug and brainwash all attendees of tomorrow conception orgy-- uh, meeting/drink session.


Jaschocolate said...

Haha... so ugly... when u finish inventing the machine, let me know.. i may need it soon..

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

deaaaaaaaa!!! Picture is pink but I would hardly call it "pretty". Maybe if you post a picture of Angus wearing a pink ribbon...

Can you tell I'm in love with Angus?

Barffie said...

Bow wow wow. Pink is so not a dog's colour.