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Thursday, June 23, 2005

This is not a dig a xiaxue...

...but why is xiaxue an editor at To my knowledge she has never posted anything there. Ever. Like, ever.

Technically speaking, I deserve to be an editor at more than she does (d'you hear that, powers-that-be?). No only have I contributed my own witty witty stuff, I have upon occasion (okay twice I think) even submitted (gasp) someone else's post. Someones who were almost as witty as yours truly.

Also I am kind, loyal, thrifty, good with babies and dogs, and have a better-than-indifferent hygiene record.

What more could ya want?

1 comment:

BiFF said...

you'd need to be an "award-winning" blogger and also probably a photo of yourself decked up in pink on the top of your every other page.

plus probably coz she was one of the people who was at the meeting/drink session which spawned off the tomorrow idea.