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Friday, July 08, 2005

London Underground Bombing

Of waste and again of waste, and of the waste of wasting, o void, o desolation:

...of the vessel shattered and the vessel cast away, o oblivion.

-Hayden Carruth

Yeah, they struck a great blow against the oppressors, those heroes of the faith; secretaries and middle managers, shop keepers and telephone repairmen and pizza delivery guys all wiped out in an instant. God will surely favor them; for now the world is one step closer to... to what, exactly? Sorry, I forgot. To the endy of tyranny. Which tyranny again? The tyranny of the decadent West, right, I forgot. The tyranny that can only be ended by blowing up hairstylists and accounts receivables clerks, those architects of oppression.

Body by body the world is being made into a place that God is sure to favor, right? And those who have wrought the great change in the blood and flesh of children and grandmothers and nannies and nurses and graphic designers and shoe salesmen, they are certain to sit at the right hand of God on Judgment Day, right?


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