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Thursday, July 21, 2005

some people are just crazy fookers

I refer to her, when I refer to her in terms that do not have to be censored, as Hurricane Veronica*. She was the worst mistake I ever made.

The relationship went bad pretty quickly, but not quickly enough, not before we moved in together. I had just started a new job, and was spending 14+ hour days at work getting a new store set up. She was supposedly working as a waitress in a Mexican restaurant. Hell, she could have been outfitting an expedition to scale Mt Everest and I wouldn’t have known. By the time I got home I was exhausted.

She was not waiting tables. She was stripping. It wasn’t so much that she was stripping that made me break up with her as it was that she had lied. Oh, and that she was sleeping with my best friend. And complete strangers.

So when I told her it was over – well, you remember Glenn Close in ‘Fatal Attraction’? Let’s just say Michael Douglas had it easy.

She did lots of vicious things. Filed false police reports. Defaced and destroyed property. Made nuisance calls to my workplace and my friends and family. My personal favorite was when she put ground glass in all my clothes.

But the worst thing she did was steal and burn everything I had ever written up to that point.

Years worth of poetry, essays, short stories, starts on novels. All gone. That, more than anything else, absolutely gutted me.

It took me a long time to recover. First I had to get mad, which took a lot longer than you would suppose. Then I had to decide to get even. Then I had to decide how best to get even. Then I wrote a book.

So thanks, 'Veronica'. Without you, Thagoth would never have gotten written.

So XiaXue, Wonkytong, feel gutted for a while. Sometimes when the ground gets razed, what finally grows back is more lush and verdant than ever grew there before.

*name changed to protect yours truly


The Legal Janitor said...

wow michael, you're actually had a book published? That's amazing! =)

Mr Wang Says So said...

* Applause! *

the rather mad jac said...

hey mercer machine...

please read my latest entry. im serious. if you're interested....then leave a comment and we'll work something out...

The Screwy Skeptic said...

wow, and i thought I had crazy exes...

in any case, and this may sound bizarre coming from a total stranger, but i totally look up to you. i can barely finish a piece, and when i do, i delete it before anyone can see it. much respect to you.

expat@large said...

Ground glass. Nice touch.

All written things. Ouch.

Hope to see you Friday night for comisserations.


Mike said...

I too had a Special High Intensity Term (S.H.I.T) relationship. Basically she crammed all the bad things my first two wives did in a combined 21 years of marriage into 6 months. Luckily I escaped. (And no glass in my pants)