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Monday, July 25, 2005

Farewell Drinks, Possibly Free*

Been down for almost a week with what, back home, would be called ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’ (dysentery, more or less). Note to self: Don’t drink the water in Indonesia. Further note to self: Ice IS frozen water, you moron. Final note to self: did you really think you were going to get a decent iced mocha anyway? Jackass.

So am now in my final week at work. To celebrate its end, will be grabbing drinks on Friday at Hideout. Those who care to can come and wish me well. Or call me a jackass. There may be free rounds involved.* Also, this will be the last time yours truly will smoke**

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Eligibility For MM’s Farewell Drunk Free Round Offer: (Any of the below conditions may qualify you to participate)

1. You have a pirate name and use it on a regular basis
2. Your blog, if you have one, does not heavily feature the color pink, or WriTTinG LyKe ThiS
3. You can answer Texas history trivia, or convincingly fake it

**More Terms & Conditions Apply

1. While the goal is to be completely nicotine free within a year, step one is to stop smoking cigarettes
2. All other forms of nicotine are, in step one, permissible. Pipes, cigars, dip, tobacco brownies, snuff, gum, patch, you name it


cheeky said...

>>Also, this will be the last time yours truly will smoke

Hah. That's what they always say.

Anonymous said...

So many MMS around nowadays... hehe

MM (Molly Meek)

The Screwy Skeptic said...

So does that mean you can still hookah in Phase One?
Then again, I should stop recommending people hookah. I've discovered, to my surprise, that it's pretty addictive...

Jaschocolate said...

haha.. too bad not free on friday or else can take up your free drink offer :p

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