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Thursday, July 28, 2005

ants in my pants

The last couple of days at one job, a new job about to start, quitting smoking, buying a house, about to move—lots of changes coming up. I feel restless, or as my grandmother used to say, antsy. My mind won’t settle on one thing for more than a few minutes.

Being at work right now, now that I’m pretty much done, is like sitting in the doctor’s office. All the magazines have been read, the tv isn’t showing anything I’m interested in watching, and the only thing to do is listen to the clock tick. Too bad I can’t get away with sleeping. Or playing video games.

Sure there are things I could do to kill time, but I don’t want to. My mind won’t sit still long enough. Physically, even, I can’t seem to just sit still. I want to be up, about. In short, I want to move on.

Have cleared my desk of everything except:

A box of tissue
A calculator
A day planner
A pen
2 bits of work that will take me maybe a half hour to finish

My boss just passed by, looked at my cubicle, shook his head.


The Facetious Cap'n Intrepid said...

Go moon each and every management staff...

koonie said...

oh man.. i'm serving notice now and feel exactly the same way!