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Sunday, October 16, 2005

no ice cream

no ice cream
Originally uploaded by MercerMachine.
so don't even ask.


Anonymous said...

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anantya said...

hmm that's odd. never seen that sign before.
i guess they got "no something" for everything now.

Tym said...

Fierce, ah! What sort of place would ban our humble ice cream man?!

Terry said...

Hahahah, where did you take that pic? No ice cream. Hahah, when did they become so strict??

MercerMachine said...

anonymous: shame may kill, but since you're shameless, I guess you dodged that bullet.

anantya: I'd never even imagined it before I saw it.

tym, onua: bishan bus station. also no smoking and no jaywalking. just stand in line and wait yer turn, dammit :)