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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Adore me!

Okay, here's the list of my doodles that have over 100 views on Flickr (as of 10:40 pm, 5 Feb 06). Wow. Who wants to talk syndication? I have a powerful urge to make my living drawing stick figures. Can you make my dream come true?

Sticky Issues: Once Upon a Tomorrow (2114)
Sticky Issues: The Problem With Prophets (542)
Sticky Issues: A Dream Deferred (393)
Sticky Issues: Good News! Bad News! (302)
Sticky Issues: The NKF Maths Tuition Center (256)
Bloghead (Sedition Edition) (247)
Ninja Joe: On the Bus (236)
Sticky Issues: The Sweet Hereafter (229)
Sticky Issues: The Times They Are A'changin' (226)
Sticky Issues: The Great Casino Debate ( 221)
Sticky Issues: State of Disunion (207)
Top Terrorist (181)
Ninja Joe: at the 7-11 (175)
Sticky Issues: The latest Craze (158)
Sticky Issues: A Satisfying Conclusion (156)
Ninja Joe: vs Busker-man (138)
Sticy Issues: Republican Snapshot #2 (134)
Sticky Issues: Singapore Low Cost Terminal (119)
Sticky Issues: The Cartoon War (116)
Sticky Issues: Chain of Command (115)
Sticky Issues: Republican Snapshot #1 (113)
Sticky Issues: Ye Olde Mother Tongue (111)
Notxiaxue: Swimsuit Issue! (109)


expat@large said...

Just WHO are you trying to emulate?

kite said...


The Screwy Skeptic said...

that'd be awesome if you did... and jesus i had no idea you had doodled so many to date

expat@large said...

SS, and there are more in his Big Book of Doodles!

I've seen it!

the maine minx said...

hao lian lah. :D

the maine minx said...

thanks to me, my sister linked you on her blog. isn't that sweet.