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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Samantha Burns hits the nail on the head

This in a nutshell is why non-Muslim Westerners are so angry about the 'Cartoon War'. It's a serious cultural divide. It seems as though the Muslim world couldn't care less about the mass murder that Islamic terrorists are perpetrating, and yet many feel justified in attacking embassies that have nothing to do with publication of drawings of the Prophet.


Sam said...

Thanks for the link. From this cultural perspective, I must say, I just don't get it and certainly don't like their choices in what they're doing right now.

Anyhow, just wondering, any interest in a blogroll exchange?

Anonymous said...

The thing is that there isn't really much the moderate muslims can do about it, can they?

As for the extremist muslims, if they can blow themselves up, then it isn't very surprising o see them get violent/burn embassies etc.

MercerMachine said...

Hi Sam!

You've been stickified- er, put on my blogroll :)