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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wheee! Redux

So it's 6:50 AM, on a Sunday morning. I am awake, and have been for, oh, about two hours. There's a reason my son has a shirt that says 'I don't sleep, NOBODY sleeps'.

I'm running into difficulties lately in writing. Part of it is to do with the fact that my free time is limited--basically an hour and a half on the bus to work, and the same back. I can do little sketches on the bus, but for some reason I just can't write. Maybe it's the inevitable old man hacking his germs on the back of my neck, but my concentration is just barely enough for cartooning. Stringing several coherent sentences together seems to be beyond me. And with a six day workweek, that doesn't leave much time. What time there is I have to split between wife, child, errands, and things like what I'm doing now.

Which is why I'm taking motorcycle lessons.

When I take public transport, I'm spending three hours a day, six days a week cheek-to-jowl with dozens of hacking, sneezing, smelly strangers. If I take a taxi, the time is cut by two-thirds: but the cost QUINTUPLES. I end up working for the taxi company.

Ergo, I need my own transport, one that's cheap. It's not a midlife crisis or a death wish. It's an economic and mental health necessity.

Plus, all my life I have been 'forbidden' to ride a motorcycle. Dire threats have been vocalized should I ever consider it. The main threatener being my mom. Well, Mom's on the other side ofthe world now, and I AM 35. If I wanna ride a motorcycle, great jumping Jehosephat, I'll do
just that.



Samsung said...

I've always wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle--thought the idea of riding a really, really fast steel horse was kind of cool.


expat@large said...

I love motorcyclists. I can watch them bleed and die for hours...

This reflects my concern for you only...

E@L channelling your Mom.

valkyrie said...

i'm going to play the devil here. :P

one of my friends who has been a biker for yonks and never once had an accident reckons most accidents happen to bikers who are hit, as opposed to them hitting the other party. thus, his riding rule is to always ride faster than anything else around you. which of course equates to: more powerful bike + common sense + full control = greater safety.

The Screwy Skeptic said...

aw c'mon, i was just joshing with you, MM, don't get all pouty.

my only question is: won't it be kinda warm wearing leather in singapore? or will you stick with breathable PVC or something?