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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Still scooping the poop... or, I TOLD YA SO.

Just saw this on Crooks and Liars:

"One of the most under-discussed and under-appreciated political facts is the depth and intensity of George Bush's unpopularity in this country. It isn't just that his approval ratings have fallen into the 30's again, although that is significant. More significant still is the fact that Americans disapprove of his performance in every region in the country, and in almost every state." --Glenn Greenwald

Which reminded me when I said this 226 days ago:

In other news, dubya seems to be having a hard time of it back in the US (cue false sympathy). According to Yahoo news, his approval rating has been below 50% for weeks. Gee, some buyer's remorse going on? Too late now, Red States. You rode the elephant, now you get to scoop the poop.

As the war in Iraq drags on and American soldiers continue to get killed for a cause that was controversial from day one, I guarantee his approval rating will continue to slide. The problem is, he doesn't care. He doesn't have any more elections to win, now does he?

The best that can happen is that any proposal he tries to push through gets stalled in Congress. It's about damage control, now. Bush doesn't have to worry about re-election, but thankfully the house and senate do. And since only 15% of Americans believe that Congress is doing anything that directly benefits the American people, maybe it's finally time for American government to start shaking off the bush 'compassionate conservatism' pall.

Oh, and where the hell is Osama? -Me, June 26th, 2005



Elia Diodati said...
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Elia Diodati said...

The Brokeback Mountain comment didn't really help Dubya either.

The only (and I mean singular) reason why I support him is my lower income tax burden as a graduate student. He's managed to make so much else of my life here miserable.