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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ladies: if you plan on getting raped, don't do it in South Dakota

...and if you do, don't stick around ifyou get pregnant. It's now illegal to get an abortion in South Dakota for any reason other than to save a woman's life.

I can't be the only one who is feeling vomitously disgusted over this.

As soon as Alito is confirmed as Supreme Court Justice, the Right Wing nutjobs in America do this. It's been planned down to a T. they've been waiting a long time to put something up that will challenge Rove vs Wade, this time with a Supreme Court stacked on their side.

Will the Supreme Court hear this case? They have to. Will they strike down the SD law as unconstitutional? I give it a 60/40 probability that they will.

But that 40% scares me.

If that happens, the 50 states will fall into a patchwork of abortion-legal and -illegal states, further dividing a country that has been polarized by two scandal-ridden elections, a futile war, political and corporate pillaging, profiteering and sophist punditry, and a President that feels no remorse about trampling over the constitution or sending troops to die over a lie.

I don't know my America anymore. I view it from the distance of Singapore; like an oil painting, you must take a few steps back to begin to make out the whole. Up close, I knew America as colorful, vibrant, sometimes garish. Now, removed, I see violent discord amidst a clashing, dangerously imbalanced composition.

I wonder if my America ever existed at all outside my skull.


Samsung said...

The problem is--was, and will remain to be so--Americans are asleep at the wheel, taking their liberties for granted and not standing in line to vote to protect them, not letting their voices being heard, but remaining passive and stupid like a herd of hiefers at a milking operation. I am as guilty of this as the next person. I've only recently even started taking an interest in politics. While I am personally pro-life, I do not feel it's the government's job to tell me either way and I believe in the right to privacy. A hundred years from now, historians will say, this was the beginning of the end for America as a superpower, perhaps even for American itself.

As far as your comment,

Oh, yes, breathing...sometimes I forget you know. :-)


Anonymous said...

The beauty of America is how the constitution was written in such a way, it is fluid like water. It adapts to be made apt even in today's context some hundred of years later. Don't discount the ability of the constitution to make right what you think is currently wrong. The core is in place, it just needs time to gather support among the restless, and the rested. Paitence, things will unfold nicely in time, I believe.

Aneu_Agin said...

My friend, I agree with you. It sucks. These years of Bush administration have left me with a huge sense of loss.

Let's be honest; the US has never really been a model society or even an uncorrupt one. However, whatever the truth of it, there was at least the illusion that the US was headed in a particular direction and that it stood for certain ideals and values that many of us cared about. And I'd always believed that as a whole, Americans would fight for that. But it's impossible to maintain that illusion when you are watching a megalomaniac administration stomping all over everything without facing any real resistance.

Sometimes, like in Thailand, whatever the result of the battle may be, it nourishes the soul just to see that there is one.

The Screwy Skeptic said...

maybe we could dress judge alito up as a bird and set him loose in front of cheney? it could work.

The Screwy Skeptic said...

p.s. is "rove" v. wade an ironic jab or a freudian typo? i'm slow today

Samsung said...

I miss your writing...

:::whines, cries, makes horrible sobbing noises:::