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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am Stephen King meets Ursula Le Guin*

A few of you may know that I self-published a book of short stories a few years ago on I did a sucky job of formatting the book, so I've subsequently pulled it from print**, but just this morning I noticed that someone on Amazon actually reviewed it - and apparently really liked it. Hill Fort Rambler of Lexington Kentucky, if you're still out there, thanks very much, and sorry for the tiny-tiny print and the big white spaces on the pages.

5.0 out of 5 stars Stephen King meets Ursula Le Guin, October 27, 2009

By hill fort rambler (Lexington, KY USA) - See all my reviewsThis review is from: All the World a Grave (Paperback)

Michael McClung's no holds barred approach delivers modern day fairy tales both refreshing and highly entertaining. The protagonists, set in the most peculiar and otherwordly of scenarios, are balanced with quirks and foibles, giving them tangible depth that allows the reader to relate to the darkest of their sufferings. I read this book after perusing a rather boring New York Times bestseller, and I literally could not put this book down. If you are mesmerized by the macabre depictions by Stephen King or are drawn to the fantasy worlds of Ursula Le Guin, you will find this book a rare gem. Be prepared to have your stomach turn at times. For adults only and certainly not for the faint of heart.
Here's a pic of the cover for the morbily curious:

*According to somebody I don't even know/didn't have to pay!
**Signed copies available for one gajillion dollars. Or a taco. Very limited quantities available.


Anthony said...

Why not reformat and then republish?

Michael McClung said...

As kitteh would say, 'a plan, I has it' :)

Currently putting together a biz/marketing strategy and taking a new look at the world of ebooks and ebook publishing. I once knew just about everything that was important to know from an author's perspective, but times have really, realy changed.

This time, I'm gonna do it my way, dang it!

expat@large said...

Go for it Frankie! (Paul Anka song don't you know)

Then you can consult for others...