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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Singapore calling

Last night I called Ballantine in New York because I realized it had been, oh, five years or so since I received a royalty check for Thagoth. After the initial release, sales dropped off fairly quickly, and the last check I received was for something like $25.16. Then we moved, and moved again, and I just couldn't be arsed to call long distance at midnight to talk to somebody and let them know. But of course I got to thinking about it since the Great Facebook Campaign began, and so I called.

A nice lady named Nancy is sending out my check. In the last five years or so Thagoth has earned me the handsome sum of $70-and-change. If I remember corectly, I get 50 cents or so from every copy, so that means about 150 copies have been sold in the last five years.

I'll probably sell that many copies in five days. It really is a new world for ebooks, huh?


expat@large said...

Woo hoo! Let's partaaaayy!

150 > 0

Michael McClung said...

I think, once the check clears, we should have a Thagoth pizza party :)

expat@large said...